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Minimal prep.

No guesswork.

Perfect, every time.

Sous vide refers to the cooking technique is which food is vacuum sealed and slow-cooked in water under precise conditions.

This innovative method produces consistently excellent flavours and textures, while staying true to the ingredients.

Bidfood has a sous vide facility in Auckland producing exceptional products for the New Zealand restaurant and hospitality market.

Sous Vide

Perfect, every time.

Explore our range today

Consistency and uncompromising quality

Enjoy all the value-added benefits for your kitchen.

Reduced prep and cook time

An ideal solution for tackling labour shortages or a lack of skilled kitchen staff, our sous vide products help with increased speed to service and table turnover rates.

No guesswork

Perfectly sous vide products means less risk and worry - no risk of undercooking, yield loss and wastage.

More options

Unlock new menus and capabilities with all the benefits of our wide sous vide range.

Discover delicious recipes

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