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Fresh produce specialists

Bidfresh is a division of Bidfood specialising in bringing the freshest fruit and vegetables to you everyday. We procure from the major national markets complimented by many relationships with smaller regional markets and a plethora of growers of niche produce lines. We have specialist buyers located in all regions of New Zealand to ensure that we are servicing your needs with well-priced, quality produce.   
Our product range covers all categories of fruit, vegetables, fresh herbs, salads and sprouts, and eggs. There are key components to the product range which don’t vary from region to region, but there are also many lines where regional influences dictate the range and format the product is presented in.


Over the years the impact of seasonality on some lines has been negated in part by the volumes of imported produce available in New Zealand. Nowhere is this more evident than in our fruit supplies, with a significant component of our tropical fruit (banana, pineapples, mango, melons) citrus (oranges, grapefruit, lemons, mandarins) and grapes being imported to provide the continuity of supply demanded by the retail and foodservice sectors. 

Other seasonal imported lines include capsicum, tomato, beans and courgette during winter months. New Zealand’s imports primarily come from Australia, Pacific Islands, USA, China, South America & the Philippines. 


We can help recommend cost effective products according to seasonal availability and each week we share information from our growers about quality, price and availability in our market report

Prepared produce

Our processing plants are able to accommodate your specific needs with our processed fruit and vegetable options under our Prepared Produce brand. Whether your needs are peeling, slicing, dicing, grating or portion cuts we can help you reduce labour cost, minimise waste and increase yield of your fresh ingredients. 

Fresh fruit and vegetables

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