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Tools for chefs

A chef’s most important tools are their creativity, palate, and calm under pressure, followed closely by their knives! Bidfood strives to provide our customers with a few additional tools and support that make it easier for you to focus on producing great food and operating a successful business.

Phoned in an order only to have it mis-keyed? 

Ordered a product you need for service to find out later that it’s out of stock?   Not sure what the best alternative might be?


Whether online or on a mobile device, MyBidfood is the 24/7 support our customers can rely on.  With information that is entirely personalised you can view the local range, see real time stock availability, your account pricing, images, allergens, nutritional content and more.  Order from your history, or browse our categories.  View your invoices & statements, pay your account or create reports that you can use once, or schedule to receive by email on the frequency that is right for you.



Do you know your food cost today?


The importance of managing food cost every day can be the difference between business success and failure.  It’s not just the cost at the time you created your menu and set your pricing that matters; it’s a week from now, a month from now, a year from now that having a current view of your food cost will determine if your pricing is right and margin is accurate.


With MyRecipes as your menu costing library, you can load your own personalised recipes linked to the specific Bidfood. Create your own ingredient library for the products you buy elsewhere.


With MyBidfood all your pricing is current, personalised to your account, and real time, reflecting in recipe costs that are always accurate.  Check your costs and margin, and easily update all recipes in one step if you change ingredients.

Bidclub Rewards

Add that extra ingredient to your business with Bidfood when you register for the Bidfood Bidclub loyalty program.  With a monthly magazine filled with inspiration and information, earn rewards when you purchased the participating products during each Rewards period.  Redeem your points from a huge range of exciting products for you, your kitchen or your team.
Bidclub doesn’t just reward you for your purchases; the Bidclub Advantage App gives you access to discounts and bonus offers from a range of retail & industry suppliers including Noel Leeming, Bunnings, Burns & Ferrall, Repco and more.


T&Cs apply

Trade Shows

Looking for some inspiration?  


Would you like to taste the newest foodservice products available in New Zealand?   
Plan in an afternoon just once a year, and attend the annual Bidfood Trade Show in your region. Get what the internet can’t give you; the taste, aroma, texture of the products you are interested in and inspiration for dishes you could be creating in your kitchen. Meet with the producers of the ingredients you rely on to create your menu, and check out the markets newest food trends.  


All of New Zealand’s leading manufacturers for foodservice exhibit at our Bidfood Trade Shows, making this an unmissable once a year appointment to keep in your diary. 

AA Smartfuel

Are you an AA Smartfuel cardholder?  
Register your card number with us and receive 5c off per litre of fuel every time you spend $500 on MyBidfood (T&C’s apply). 
Redeem your accumulated AA Smartfuel discounts at participating BP and Caltex service stations.
Don’t have a card? Pick up your free AA Smartfuel card from participating retailers – including BP, Caltex and AA Centres.

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