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Smart Choice

Smart Choice stands for great quality and value, with an impressive range of essential ingredients and finished products to make a chef’s life easier, while keeping the accountant happy too.


An appetisingly large range of premium and value added seafood lines, snap frozen and processed at source to ensure the flavour is locked in, thus providing astute customers with the best frozen seafood options in the marketplace.

Barista Federation

Barista Federation’s range includes ethically sourced coffee beans that are hand roasted in New Zealand, and a full range of plant-based barista milks crafted to perform professionally. Learn more about our brand.


Our bread and pastry range bringing a mix of traditionally made filo pastries, and tasty hot cross buns to discerning chefs everywhere.

Butcher's Choice

Chopped, diced, minced - fresh and frozen meat from our dedicated processing butcheries. Product that is consistent in specification and quality.


This premium butchery brand provides a variety of sustainably farmed small goods, including our naturally Manuka Smoked Hams and Bacons to our range of Gourmet Sausages; “Each product is something special”.

Wichita Packing Company

Exclusive to Bidfood NZ, Wichita Loin Pork Ribs and St Louis Cut Pork Ribs are the choice for BBQ Pitmasters around the globe. Boasting a high yield per rack and individually graded, you can be sure you have the world’s premium BBQ rib available right here in NZ.


With a keen eye for premium products, we look for the best deals across the market for all your seafood needs. Priority is placed on ensuring that only the best quality seafood options are considered, which are then snap frozen to preserve their freshness and flavour.


Naturalaz offers premium sous vide meats that are cooked plain, so you can add your signature flair with flavours your customers love. With sous vide, you'll benefit from no yield loss, increased efficiency and savings - as well as incomparable tenderness and consistency.


With a range of Sous Vide meats and vegetables that are seasoned and cooked to perfection every time, Kitchen IQ offers high quality products that are ready to heat and eat. The products allow chefs to minimise their labour and kitchen costs allowing for a more efficient kitchen!


The unmistakable flavours and tastes of the Mediterranean, authentic ingredients imported directly from the producers, chosen for their high quality and flavours.  


Servicing chefs in Italy for over 40 years, the Arco brand is synonymous with the highest quality Italian food and ingredients available exclusively to you in NZ. Watch out for their ever increasing range.

Del Casale

Born in the Po River Valley in Northern Italy, Del Casale is one of only two producers that can claim “Grana Padano” and as such, is stamped by government creed. As one of the best examples of traditionally produced parmesan style cheese, the cheese is stored between 9 to 16 months.

Las Tapas

Naturalaz are a range of Sous Vide cooked meats with no added flavourings or preservatives.
Using the sous vide cooking method, the Naturalaz range consistently delivers tender, moist and succulent meat to your kitchen.

Prepared Produce

Prepared produce provide ready to use fresh, portioned and cut produce to best suit your needs – pure taste, no waste! We can efficiently slice, dice, peel, grate, julienne and cut any type of produce exactly the way you need it, when you need it.

Workplace Solutions

With a primary focus on targeting foodservice hygiene, Workplace Solutions offers you value for money without sacrificing on quality. The range includes hair nets, aprons, beard covers and plastic gloves.


Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Olive Oil Pomace, buy direct from the importer.


Well known in Italy, BIA has been the couscous specialist for more than 10 years. BIA combines the progress and the consequent production performance, with the history of a product that comes from the simplicity of tradition and processing of semolina.


The Dewfresh fruit and vegetable products have been selected to provide customers a diverse  assortment of quality nourishing products with a multitude of applications.

La Monique

La Monique is our authentic French style range dedicated to offering the distinctive flavours reminiscent of France. These influential and trendy premium products are a perfect addition to any café or restaurant.


The Petti Group has been producing tomato preserves since 1925, family owned and led by Pasquale Petti, the company is now into their fourth generation. Made with 100% Tuscan Pomodoro tomatoes and processed at low temperatures, producing the finest Passata.

Il Borgo

Il Borgo emphasises the respect for genuine ingredients, traditional and time-honoured working methods, which has led to the creation of a superior Balsamic Vinegar and Balsamic reduction from the Emilia Region in Italy.

Asian Essentials

Bring richer flavours into your kitchen with a range of products that use authentic ingredients to help you create a menu influenced by the tastes of Asia. With products made using traditional recipes; the Asian Essentials range is your gateway to Eastern flavours.

Caterers Choice

Offering you an extensive range of quality packaging to choose from, Caterer’s Choice continually offer best quality products to suit the varying requirements of businesses across New Zealand.

Dansk Valg

Denmark has refined the art of cheese making to deliver the finest quality products. Dansk Valg currently ranges a selection of traditional Danish cheese, from the creamy Danish white (commonly known as feta) to the flavoursome blue-veined.

Spice Empire

Spice Empire brings the art of the ancient spice trade to your kitchen and beyond, by giving you the opportunity to experience the flavours and aromatics of Asia and the Middle East.
The range flourishes with hot, sour, sweet, salty and savoury tastes.

Gran Formaggio

Made with only the best 100% Italian milk and with a taste similar to Grana Pando - Gran Formaggio is suitable for those with a vegetarian diet that want the full flavour of a well-rounded Italian hard cheese.

Cater Clean

Cater Clean is the essential range of hospitality and general cleaning products designed specifically for the commercial environment. 


Let’s get the party started off with a bang, Swantex, first for your bulk Christmas cracker needs.

Sunny Queen

Convenience is key with Sunny Queen’s range of ready-made Omelettes, Egg Bites, Scrambled Egg Mix and French Toast, these products are frozen to capture the freshness and make a meal in an instant.

Casa De Mare

Casa De Mare is dedicated to providing you with the enticing flavours of the Mediterranean. Chefs looking for great quality preserved fruit and vegetables should look no further than Casa De Mare – a brand that always delivers the desired taste.

Southern Range

With high quality butchery products that don’t cost the earth, our Southern Range items have been made locally with care and the final customer in mind. With delicious bacons, sliced meats and sausages, these are outstanding smallgoods that will be at home in your kitchen.


Sterilgarda Alimenti is an innovative dairy company from Northern Italy that has been supplying dairy products to chefs since the 1960s. With a focus on ensuring long-life with convenience by packing dairy products into Tetra Pak briks.


Kalos offers an array of Greek inspired products. The range includes authentic Haloumi Cheese, tasty Greek Olives and the new range of traditional Greek savouries.  Crowd-pleasers at any gathering.

Hens Without Borders

Hens Without Borders (Poules sans frontieres) was created to help you make an ethical choice when purchasing some of the most important staple items in your menu. Available in a range of sizes in both the Free Range and Cage Free Eggs.

Exclusive Brands

We've curated a range of exclusive brands to offer quality, consistency and competitively priced products to cover every time of business.

These brands are only available in New Zealand through Bidfood and have been thoroughly tested and assessed against the competition. Join thousands of New Zealand businesses who have made the switch and experience Bidfood Exclusive Brands for yourself.

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