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A global network

Bidfood New Zealand is very proud to be part of the Bidcorp group of global foodservice companies. 

Bidcorp is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, South Africa, and has businesses in over 25 countries across Australasia, Europe & the United Kingdom, Africa, Asia & South America. 

The Bidcorp philosophy is to embrace and empower the operating businesses in each country to respond to local market conditions, customer needs and growth opportunities.


Bidcorp companies are entrepreneurial, adaptable and competitive; our philosophy drives performance, accountability and results.  Strong relationships between companies provide a network of peers around the world with which to share experience, ideas and resources.

Bidcorp believes in investing in four key competitive strengths; people, service, food and technology.   


Providing a high service standard to our customers is a value-add mind-set where proactivity and responsiveness will deliver a direct benefit to customers. We service a wide mix of small, medium and large customers with tailor made solutions fit for the outlets purpose. Our teams strive to; understand every market segment that they operate in; stay close to customers; and anticipate their requirements. We continually look for areas where we can add value and deepen our relationships with customers.  Substantial investment is made every year in the infrastructure required to provide this high service level by way of our local distribution centres, transport and logistics, manufacturing and processing facilities. 


Our success is driven by people who are empowered to use their initiative to deliver the required results. The Bidcorp model is built on the concept of ownership by independent teams who decide day-by-day what is best for the business. Local autonomy accelerates decision making and leverages local knowledge. Local teams running nimble operations are well placed to achieve continued growth. Core to that is service to our customers, with understanding, in a relationship of partnership. Equally important to us is the development of our people by providing opportunities for personal growth.  


Commitment to investment in technology innovation drives Bidcorp to continually ask the question “how do we add more value to our customers”.  In several markets Bidcorp is the digital strategy leader driving industry innovation.   E-commerce is an important part of this modern infrastructure and constantly evolving, with experiences and know-how shared through the group with the objective of enhancing customers’ service experiences, and direct investment by way of a digital development company based in New Zealand.


The food and complementary products we deliver have the potential to enhance our customer’s reputation.  Partnerships with responsible supply partners allows us to bring a broad range of product solutions to suit our customer’s needs.


Market leading brands and manufacturer relationships complement Bidfood private label and direct from source importing. Sustainability and food safety are major themes in our businesses where our adherence to industry regulations helps mitigate risk for our customers.  Investment in value add processing, vertical integration and light manufacture allow our businesses to establish supply lines that offer our customers innovative solutions that reduce cost and improve yeild.

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