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Malaysian Chicken Laksa


  • 1 packet Kitchen IQ Chicken Breast Sous Vide

  • 6 Tbsp Laksa Paste

  • 2 tsp Soya bean oil

  • 30 Prawn cutlets

  • 1 thinly sliced Red Onion

  • 1/2 stick Lemongrass

  • 400ml Coconut cream

  • 1 thin sliced Red capsicum

  • 5 Baby bok choy washed and cut into chunky pieces

  • 5 Kaffir lime leaf cut in 1/2

  • 1 Ltr Kitchen IQ Chicken Stock

  • 500g cooked Egg or Rice noodles

  • 300g Mung bean sprouts

  • 50g Fresh coriander

  • 5 Green chili deseeded and chopped

  • 1/2 tsp Fish sauce Be careful its strong

  • 50 ml Soy sauce

  • 5 Eggs hard boiled peeled and cut in 1/2

  • 2 Fresh limes

Tip: Arrange bowls with noodles etc before or during cooking.

How to assemble

In a wok fry off onion paste and thinly sliced lemongrass in soya oil.

Add raw prawns and capsicum to the mix.

Then add the shredded chicken whilst pouring the juice from the chicken and the stock into the pot with the kaffir leaf.

Bring to a simmer.

Add the coconut cream and bring the mix back to the simmer.

Taste and add fish and soy sauce to make sure that it is not too strong, and then taste the mixture again.

Add bok choy chunks and remove from the heat.

In serving bowls arrange the noodles, egg and shredded chicken.

Ladle on the hot soup and distribute prawns evenly.

Garnish with bean sprouts, chopped coriander and fresh chilli.

Add a squeeze of lime and serve.

This is one of my favourite go to dishes great for the winter comfort food!


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