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Sensational Soups

The humble bowl of soup reigns supreme in winter, so make it fabulous and you’re onto a winner!

Whether you’re starting from scratch or upcycling a ready-made version, a few simple ideas can transform your soup from mundane to marvellous, quickly and easily. A swirl of cream or flavoured oil, a drape of fresh herbs, a gorgeous garnish can all raise the game, as can plenty of texture, using fresh, seasonal produce.

All about the base

Having a base soup mix allows you to ensure consistency on your menu, both with flavour and availability. It’s also economical, allowing you to buy ingredients in quantity, and avoiding any last-minute expensive shopping trips to find ingredients that may be affected by weather and supply issues.

A simple soup mix has a strong flavour base, From here, choose fresh seasonal produce that will help enhance the colour, texture and look. Then it’s up to you to add fun garnishes and a creative twist and call it your own.

Charming creations


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