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All about Tender Pork

Humans have been eating pork since the domestication of pigs almost 10,000 years ago in the country now known as Turkey. Creatures of many significant cultural importance, their meat is still consumed to this day in feasts and celebrations. A key ingredient in charcuterie, this versatile meat can be cooked, cured, preserved, grilled or smoked.

Brining pork is a great way to enhance the flavour, tenderness and juiciness of the meat. However, it can be time-consuming, which is why the Tender Pork range does it for you. The subtle brine guarantees consistently tender meat that holds well, even when heated for long periods, and the meat is quick to cook, with all products being ready in around an hour or less. With no preparation required, and perfect crackling guaranteed, it’s a great way to provide meat dishes that are evenly seasoned, packed with flavour and perfect for buffets or larger events.

Pass the pork

Having plenty of options on your menu for pork makes for a delicious talking point. A classic pork loin roast, with its perfectly tender slices, served with roasted apple cider sauce and crunchy potatoes makes for an easy special event or Sunday lunch experience.

The rich marbling of pork belly is always popular, in part because there are so many flavours that take this meat cut to the next level. Serve marinaded in star anise, soy and ginger for a delicious flavourful main with an Asian twist.

Pork drumsticks are a unique cut that starts off rectangular, but as it cooks, the tendon shrinks away to reveal a classic drumstick style look. The meat is cooked on the bone, and thanks to Tender Pork’s brining comes out super moist and tender - a perfect individual serving size. Serve with a sticky chilli and lime glaze to really bring out the flavour.


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