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Functional, time saving desserts from Barker’s Professional

What’s the difference between our new Barker’s Professional dairy-free/low-lactose Custard Style Crèmes and typical dairy-based custard? To summarise, our new products provide a dairy-free source of calcium, more protein, and the added benefit of fibre. They’re full of flavour, nutritional benefits, and super simple to plate and serve as a finished product.

The team at Barker’s Professional has been working alongside dietitians and nutritional leads to craft a functional and tasty new product. They make for a delicious ready-made dessert which can be utilized by all foodservice providers!

Delicious, smooth, and easy to use

The new dairy-free Custard Style Crèmes have a smooth and velvety texture and the range comes in three delicious flavours, Lemon, Mango, and Cherry – for easy menu rotation. Being a finished product, they’re so easy for kitchen staff to use. Simply snip and pipe, then plate and serve! Packaged in convenient 1.25kg ready-to-use piping bags.

Source of Protein, Calcium, and Fibre

Barker’s Dairy Free Custard Style Crèmes contain 4.7 – 4.9g of protein per 100g, compared to 3.7g in typical dairy-based custard.

  • The Crèmes contain protein in the form of Collagen Peptide from bovine (NOTE: The collagen peptides do not contain dairy allergens, but they are of bovine origin and therefore not suitable for vegans or vegetarians.)

  • Collagen peptides have a unique amino acid profile providing nutritional benefits not found in other protein sources.

  • May help to maintain and improve joint, bone, and muscle health.

Barker’s Dairy Free Custard Style Crèmes contain 147mg calcium per 100g, compared to 130mg in typical dairy-based custard.

  • Calcium is required to support bone formation and has a wide range of metabolic functions for muscles and nerve activity.

Barker’s Dairy Free Custard Style Crèmes contain 2g fibre per 100g.

  • Fibre plays an important role in overall health at all ages.

  • Contributes to regular laxation when taken consistently.

Because we care

Here at Barker’s, our mission is to create solution-focused products that deliver flavour, flair, and ease to hospitality life. We crafted these new products because we believe in the importance of inclusivity for our customers end-consumers.

If you like what you see, our new products will be available from your local Bidfood distributor. We will have these crèmes on display at each Bidfood Trade Show from April to September. Come along and try it for yourself!


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