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Creamy Winter Desserts

Often an afterthought on many menus, the dessert
section is where you’ll find comforting, luscious creamy treats to end a long winter’s day. If it’s time to give a little love to the sweet section of your menu, read on.

Baked cheesecakes are a pretty failsafe menu option. Easy to make, and with a perfect balance of richness and creaminess, with plenty of flavour options, a base cheesecake can be zhuzhed in a multitude of ways. Vanilla and spice, baked rhubarb and honey, blood orange and cinnamon, chocolate and winter berries… the choice is yours!

Dessert catering can be an economical way of providing a lot of options. Pastry tartlet cases, mini pots, biscuit cones or choux puffs are a perfect start for your creamy creations; mascarpone, custard and crème fraîche can all be flavoured in a multitude of ways to suit personal tastes or even for themed events.

Colours & Flavours

Colour is always a vital component of a good creamy array of desserts. Winter fruit like oranges, berries, rhubarb and even beetroot can be infused to create a cornucopia of delights that can be stacked high on stands, displayed on a dessert bar or brought to the table for a wedding.

Pair your creamy indulgent base with a tangy or tart pop of stewed or seared stone fruit, or utilise colourful freeze-dried berries, which delivers an unusual and fun texture when used as a garnish.

Of course, cream and chocolate are like Romeo and Juliet; elevate your winter creamy choc dish with a warming surprise with a dash of nutmeg, ginger and even garam masala.

Topping it off

Take your diners back to Nana’s house, with the unmistakable aroma and texture of a fruity crumble or tart, topped with vanilla bean custard or a perfectly silky quenelle of crème fraîche. And warm cakes and puddings will love a hearty dollop or swirl of mascarpone, whipped cream or custard as the finishing touch.

Recipe Suggestions


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