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Wine pairing with your menu

Elevating the dining experience goes beyond just the culinary creations plated before your customers. It extends to the harmonious marriage of flavours achieved through wine pairing. The art of selecting the perfect wine to complement a dish is as much of a science as it is a sensory delight.

Savvy restaurateurs understand that providing exceptional wine pairing options not only adds value to the customer experience but also presents an opportunity for increased revenue. By offering curated wine pairing menus or suggesting premium wine selections, establishments can tap into a lucrative market segment of wine enthusiasts willing to pay a premium for a complete dining experience.

There are two main methods for pairing wine with food. Congruent Wine Pairings, this is pairing 2 similar flavour profiles to create balance on the palate – such as chardonnay with a cheese heavy dish. Contrasting or Complementary Wine Pairings is when one flavour cuts through and balances the other, so you can have a rich creamy experience with Chardonnay and cheese dish, but pairing with a Pinot Gris can enhance the experience.

Our Top Tips to get started
  • Match the wine to the sauce on the dish rather than protein (i.e. red with mushroom sauce, white with lemon based)

  • Red wines pair best with red meat

  • White wine pair best with fish or chicken

  • Bitter wines balance fat

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