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Unconventional Burger

The plant-based market is a hot topic right now. A growing awareness of the effects of climate change on the planet, along with a renewed focused on personal health and wellbeing is moving more of us Kiwis toward flexitarian eating and in search of delicious plant-based products.

These new trends present a terrific opportunity for foodservice operators to meet the growing demand of hungry customers looking for the future of food. Well, the search is over, and we can’t wait for you to surprise your customers with the rich and satisfying taste of Unconventional Burger!

But you don’t have to take our word alone on how great the Unconventional Burger is, we’re delighted to announce that the Unconventional Burger has was named number 1 in Europe and came 2nd in the World’s 10 Best Burger Class! The award was voted for by the community from 62 countries who contributed 12,000 reviews of plant-based burgers to determine the World’s Best for 2021.

The Unconventional Burger has a clean deck of just 14 ingredients, it’s suitable for vegans and contains 17g of protein. It’s a juicy and tasty eat, and we know your customers will keep coming back for more once they get to taste it. It’s meat free and moreish!

Kiwis want plant-based alternatives to their favorite products and considering eating well is one of life’s greatest pleasures, the Unconventional Burger is the perfect solution to satisfying demanding customers.

The advantages for business:

  • Extraordinary taste and texture - So good and versatile that it can be consumed as it is with a salad, in a burger, with some tacos, in a sandwich or with fries.

  • Chilled: in a pan on medium heat – no fat needed- for 3-5 min. on each side, in oven at 210° for 7 min.

  • Frozen: in a pan on medium heat without adding oil for 5-7 min. on each side, in oven at 210° for 12 min.

  • Soy based food preparation, super juicy and tasty! Rich in protein

  • Less ingredients than most competitors

  • Palm oil free

  • Canola oil free

  • Vegan

  • Texture like a real hamburger

  • Taste delicate, excellent on its own


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