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McCain SureCrisp 13mm Fries!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Mccains' latest innovation, McCain SureCrispTM 13mm Fries!

Crispiness is the heart and soul of a perfect fry, and McCain Foods (NZ) understand that better than anyone else.

After the success of the SureCrisp brand and previous products launched into the market, they are now extending the SureCrisp range with McCain SureCrispTM 13mm, to give customers a thicker, crunchy-cut option.

This product has the unique SureCrisp coating which gives:

  • Superior hold time for crunch, especially when used for the Off-Premise Takeaway and Delivery Market

  • Premium, unique menu offering for operators in the On-Premise and Casual Dining sectors

The changing landscape of Food Delivery

The world of food delivery has evolved into an integral part of our daily lives, redefining how consumers experience dining.

Convenience, speed, and most importantly - the quality of the delivered food have become the top priorities for customers ordering online.

In this dynamic environment, McCain SureCrispTM 13mm Fries are here to meet these evolving consumer needs.

Available NOW for deliveries, order McCain SureCrispTM 13mm Fries Today

By ordering McCain SureCrispTM 13mm Fries, you’re not just adapting to the changing foodservice landscape – you’ll be ahead of the competition - meeting the demands of today’s discerning consumers.

McCain SureCrispTM Keeping you Crispy!


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