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Maggi - Making soups cool again!

Introducing Maggi wholeness soup mixes!

The taste of homemade:

  • MAGGI Wholeness Soup Mixes designed to make life a little easier in the kitchen, adding the wholesome taste of homemade to our stable of MAGGI Soup Mixes

  • With their authentic aromas and robust flavours, these soups are packed with goodness, delicious easy to prepare and many are gluten free

  • Our Maggi Wholeness Soups Mixes are a delicious meal on their own-you only have to add water and heat!

  • But why not get innovative and create your own signature dish? With some simple additions to these versatile soup mixes, you have the freedom to create something extraordinary and take your diners palate to the next level

Features and benefits:

  • 10 Great Flavours

  • Easy to Prepare

  • Cost Effective/Efficiency - Time and Labour saving

  • Create a Signature Dish - Freedom to create your own dish

  • Enriched with Protein

  • Gluten Free

  • Recyclable Packaging – Now in a Eurotainer

  • Blended locally in NZ


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