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Trends and innovations - April 2023


With brain health a hot topic at the moment, more brands have been highlighting the brainboosting benefits of their foods including vitamin K, folate, omega-3 fatty acids, berries,

nuts and wholegrains.

Nootropics have also been making their way into the spotlight; often referred to as “smart drugs” or “cognitive enhancers” nootropics claim to help improve memory, increase mental alertness and concentration along with boosting energy levels.

Coffee is a globally loved beverage and consumers value the boost in energy it can give, but there are some concerns about the health effects of too much coffee, so another talking point across the globe has been lower caffeine coffee for prolonged productivity.

Some overseas companies are turning to options like the Laurina coffee bean which is a naturally low in caffeine and drought resistant, or the yaupon holly plant which is native to the US and has 30% less caffeine than coffee.


Around the globe companies are opting to remove “best before” dates from a range of fresh food products in effort to reduce food waste.

This has been a result of global food wastage caused by consumer misunderstanding of these dates.

Best-before dates are meant to indicate food quality as opposed to food safety but consumer misunderstanding of these dates has led to people throwing food out once food reaches it’s best-before date even though the food may still be safe to eat it just may not be at it’s best in terms of appearance or taste.

One supermarket chain overseas has decided to remove use-by date’s on milk and will encourage consumers to use a “sniff-test” to determine if it’s OK to have!


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