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The secrets of simplicity when rockin’ the burger...

Chefs tell us their burgers continue to sell in big numbers, but challenges such as profitability, kitchen skills and diner expectations are keeping them on their toes.


The secrets of simplicity...


Burgers take time and effort to produce. From toasting buns and blending sauces to prepping patties and assembling the final stack, there are multiple steps in making a delicious burger.


Fortunately, there are some trends you can embrace right now that give you permission to simplify your stacks:


  1. Smaller meals are in demand. Diners are turning away from big meals, opting to sample a range of flavours in a single sitting instead. If your venue deals strictly in loaded stacks, consider stripping back the ingredient list and focus on a full-flavoured signature sauce.

  2. Snacking is surging. According to a recent survey, around 70% of millennials prefer snacking over traditional meals, with 7% saying they eat no formal meals at all. Try sliders on your entrée, snack or bar menu to meet the eat-at-anytime trend.

  3. Comfort foods are king. Whenever uncertainty appears, diners revert to the things they know. Classic stacks, such as a traditional cheeseburger, are brilliantly placed to fill this need (and the simplified build also gives your kitchen a chop-out).

Simple does not mean tasty. For a sauce that will help your burger stand out, check out the Hellmann’s Mayonnaise Range in action below!

Beef burger with deep fried bacon and Thousand Island dressing made using Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise.

The Kaleesi burger made with

Chargrilled vegetable burger made with Hellmann's Vegan Mayonnaise.


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