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The new Sourdough Everything Bagel….everything you ever wanted in a bagel!

French Bakery is very excited about the launch of our new product, the Sourdough Everything Bagel.

Established in 1978 in Christchurch, the French Bakery is a family run business that strives to deliver consistently superior products to our customers.

We ensure our products are baked off, cooled and then quickly frozen to ensure quality and consistency. Carton size and packaging are designed in quantities that recognise demands on freezer space and wastage control.

Our new bagel has been made with sourdough to bring through its special taste, then topped with poppy, black & white sesame seeds, garlic, salt & onion flakes - this adds a wonderful distinct flavour to the bagel.

Our Sourdough Everything Bagel is made over two days and our unique cooking method ensures our bagel has the distinctive chewy outer texture with a softer light texture for ease of eating.

This bagel is a nutritious alternative; it is pre-sliced for easy handling, and it is well suited to many filings or toppings. It can simply be enjoyed toasted with butter, filled with the classic combination of smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers and red onion, served New York style with salami and pickles or a great vegan bagel - lettuce, tomato and tahini. Your options are limitless.

The Sourdough Everything Bagel comes frozen in cartons of 32 units containing 8x4 packs and can be delivered straight to your door through Bidfood.

The new Sourdough Everything Bagel….everything you ever wanted in a bagel!


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