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Sujon Blackcurrants

Sujon only uses New Zealand-grown Blackcurrants. These are the most nutritionally powerful and colourful Blackcurrants in the world. The combination of New Zealand’s pristine

environment, unpolluted air, high ultraviolet light intensity, and specially bred varieties results in our berries having some of the highest anthocyanin levels in the world.

It is that vibrant colour which indicates the level of health-giving anthocyanin antioxidants in them: it also makes for wonderfully coloured sauces and salsa. Research shows that New Zealand blackcurrants rank significantly higher in levels of antioxidant activity than other fruits. They appear to help the body’s own response to oxidative stress and conditions such as cardiovascular disease, asthma, diabetes and age related degenerative diseases. If you are looking for menu inspiration beyond the sauce and salsa, try using them as a breakfast topper, smoothie or dessert.

These versatile fruits which really pack a punch can be matched to red or white wines or light or dark beers.


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