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Renewable & Compostable, Eco-Products from Detpak

Renewable & Compostable, Eco-Products® from Detpak sugarcane clamshells are grease and cut resistant alternatives to traditional petroleum-derived plastics or foam. Sturdy and versatile, these clams can handle a wide variety of foods, are made from reclaimed and rapidly renewable sugarcane fibres and are certified to the Australian Standard for both home (AS 5810) and commercial compostability (AS 4736).

The large 2 compartment clam allows for food separation and offers flexible serving options. It’s perfect for handling burgers, toasted and plain sandwiches, fish and chips, salad, ribs, shish kebabs, and ABs. The Eco-Products clams from Detpak are fridge, freezer, microwavable and ovenable to 2200C for up to 20 minutes*. Their breathability keeps fried food crispy and they can also handle contact with thicker liquids and oils, making it ideal for greasy take away and saucy foods. The texture and molding on the lid of these clams means they are also securely stackable.

The Eco-Products clams come in a broad range of sizes and custom printing with your brand is available to help you stand out from the crowd. For a complete takeaway and delivery solution, pair these with our 2oz(60ml) or 3oz(90ml) PLA portion cups or our 2oz(60ml) or 4oz(120ml) sugarcane portion cups, with lids, which fit perfectly inside our complete range of clams. All Eco-Products PLA portion cups are commercially compostable to AS 4736.

Traditional polystyrene take away containers are made from oil and often end up in landfill. Sugarcane clams from the Eco-Products send a strong sustainability message, so you get the double bonus – performance and green!

Seize the opportunity and make #oneBIGsmallchange by choosing the ultimate sustainable takeaway food packaging solution, with Eco-Products from Detpak.

*We always recommend oven testing to ensure suitability in your own operating conditions.


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