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Mrs Mac's Traveller

Mrs Mac’s have a rich history of innovation and have been baking since 1954 when Mr. Macgregor launched his family business to share his love of this humble Icon. Mrs Mac's team of passionate bakers ensure that only the highest quality ingredients are used to craft their delicious pies and rolls. Mrs Mac’s is excited to now offer the same great taste in our new Traveller format.

Designed to provide the perfect pastry to filling ratio with each bite. The new rectangular traveller format packs the same taste as a round pie, but with research showing that more than 70 per cent of Kiwis prefer eating a pie with their hands, this new style has been created to meet the demand for one-handed, on-the-go occasions.

Liam O’Neil, Mrs Mac’s Chef and Pastry Expert, said: “It’s no surprise that Kiwis are embracing the one - handed on-the-go offer. We have been perfecting pies and pastries for nearly seventy years and wanted to bring something new to this market, we see the traveller format as the next innovation of the popular pie – an all-new style of pastry experience on-the-go.”

So, if it’s not a Mrs Mac’s take it back!


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