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Marcel’s Fibre Pikelets

Healthy pikelets ticking boxes for Healthcare and Education sectors

Pikelets. You’d be hard-pressed to find another light snack that’s adored equally by young and old. They conjure the smell of the weekend, of home baking, and of melted butter. They’re perfect for a light breakfast, a morning or afternoon tea and even dessert. What more could you want?

Marcel’s Pancakes have served the food industry for over 20 years and continue to innovate in the space of pancakes, creps and blinis. Besides obvious appeal for kitchens around New Zealand - the traditional taste, the ability serve from frozen, the light and fluffy consistency - Marcel’s have added a new, healthy twist to their popular range in the form of fibre. It has allowed the company to offer a product that meets the needs of health-conscious sectors such as Aged Care, School Lunch Programmes, Hospitals etc.

Marcel’s Fibre Pikelets have the same the great taste you’d expect from the company, but offers a few additional benefits:

• 4-star health rating

• Added fibre

• No added sugar

• Low cost per serve

• Promotes gut health

• Serve from frozen

Adding fibre brings a wealth of health benefits. “A high fibre diet is directly related to better gut health. Fibre feeds our gut microbes, which helps support our health and maintains our bowel regularity”, says Mansi Limbad (PhD), Research and Development Manager at Marcel’s Pancakes. “Fibre also offers health benefits such as lowering incidences of cardiovascular diseases, colon cancer, diabetes and irritable bowel syndrome, to name a few.”

It's for this reason, along with the product’s 4-star health rating, that many school lunch programmes, medical centres and aged care facilities are adding the healthy, versatile snack to the menu.

Need some recipe inspiration? Visit Marcel’s recipe page for simple ideas that will be sure to impress both kitchen staff and consumers alike.

If you would like to speak to the Marcel’s Pancakes team about this or our other products available through BidFood, please email or call (06) 755 0905


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