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Make it special - Mothers Day

That time of the year when we get to say thanks to mothers is always a significant event in hospitality. whether mum’s being treated to a champagne breakfast or brunch, a tasty lunch or a special dinner, the focus is on creating something special, that can be made quickly and easily, with little fuss or expense.

Tricks of the trade

There are plenty of ways to upstyle your plate without spending hours with the tweezers.

  • A colourful garnish goes a long way. Edible flowers, freeze dried powders, fruits and crumbles, and any kind of chocolate garnish all help make a statement at minimal expense.

  • Small or mini-serves are always popular on Mother’s Day; it’s also a good way to keep portion control in check, and to limit excessive leftovers.

  • Platters, either savoury or sweet, create height and colour on a table. Don’t be afraid to create a large platter that contains a bit of everything, or aim for styled mini-platters. To make it look really spectacular, keep to a colour palette or theme, and arrange the ingredients neatly so it doesn't look messy.

Sweet Mama


Create a centrepiece by dressing up a classic cake with chocolate shards, saucy drizzles and flowers. Serve it on a stand or raised plate to make a stunning statement.

Make your cake work for every palate by serving with a range of sauces – perhaps creating an ‘Adults only’ sauce for the VIP at the table with the Appleton's rum sauce recommended in the Waffles feature.

Another option is to take two or three plain cakes and sandwich with frosting, mascarpone or ganache for instant wow factor. Just make sure you use a filling that’s thick enough to hold the weight of the layers.


Fill tartlet cases, meringue nests or sandwich macaroons with ready-made patisserie creams and compotes. Pre-portioned cheesecakes and desserts take the worry out of preparation, and avoid too much cutting.

Make use of economical slab cakes and slices by cutting them into cute shapes or use heart shaped cutters and decorate individually for a classic Mother’s Day vibe.

Savoury Surprises

Mother’s Day can be an all-day dining experience – and not every mum has a sweet tooth, so it’s a good idea to offer small bites for breakfast, brunch, high tea, cocktail hour and supper.

Opt for interesting shapes and serving platforms like blini, rosti, fritters, crackers, tart shells, bruschetta, pani puri, skewers, cones and biscuits.

Create a selection of tasty savoury creams and chutneys for fillings and toppings. Have on hand a good array of proteins like cooked chicken, prawns, charcuterie meats or vegetarian staples like halloumi, mushrooms, roasted or pickled vegetables and top off with garnishes like microgreens, herbs or seeds.


  • Mini-plates and servings are a useful way of utilising off -cuts and extras, but can be a little time-consuming if you’re starting everything from scratch. Think ahead and freeze leftovers in the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day so you have plenty of flavours and options available.

  • Small leftover portions of proteins like salmon, chicken, chickpeas and beef can be transformed into a multitude of colours and flavours with the addition of herbs and spices like dill, curry powder, paprika, coriander etc.


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