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Mainland Eggmont Grated Cheese

Mainland Egmont Grated cheese 2kg has a full cheddar flavour with nutty, sweet notes reminiscent of Swiss-style cheeses. It uses farm fresh milk that’s delivered to the cheese factory each day, then following a similar crafting process to cheddar, an additional dairy culture gives the Egmont Cheese a more nutty and savoury flavour and softer body than a traditional cheddar.

Egmont has excellent melting qualities with big flavour, and less oiling off than tasty cheese. It is also versatile enough for every cooking application, such as different sauces, mixing into soups, as a topping or ingredient for all baking applications.

Coming in a convenient 2kg pack, means the product is easy to store and handle. Therefore, it is the perfect size to have this great product on hand whenever you need it without committing to a large pack.

You can create some amazing dishes using this product! Anchor Chef Tod

d Thorburn created a savoury profiterole Pan De Yuca dish with a modern twist using Egmont Grated Cheese. It melts smoothly through the dough providing even coverage and consistent flavour. His favourite way to serve and eat these Pan De Yuca, is when warmed and then filled with the cold silky cheese cream and eaten immediately while the savoury profiterole is still warm, chewy, and Moorish. Great for sharing and as a bar snack.

For more information check with your Bidfood Rep or visit for recipe inspiration using this great product.


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