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Lifestyle and Wellbeing

It is becoming more common these days for customers to request foods free of particular

allergens or certain ingredients. There are many ways you can lead the way and provide a great

service to these customers without compromising on quality or taste.

Common requests are; gluten free, nut free, dairy or lactose free, egg free or soyabean free. Many of these requests also relate to particular ‘lifestyle diets’ customers choose to follow that suits their particular lifestyle. Whatever their reasons, it shouldn’t make a difference to your attitude towards your customer.

By providing alterative options, your business can provide a valuable service to a growing number of customers with special dietary needs. This brochure is designed to offer inspiration and education to customers with both allergies and who follow lifestyle diets to ensure you have the ingredients and knowledge to offer great tasting options without compromising on quality.

Click the below brochure to view in a new tab or download.



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