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Introducing Kāpiti Te Tihi Premium Aged Cheddar in the NEW Foodservice 1kg pack size!

Te Tihi, meaning peak, point or summit in Te Reo Māori, is befitting of our sharpest cheddar which has been aged up to 3 years to raise your creations with a bold, full flavour hit. Due to the age of Te Tihi you can expect some lactate crystallisation that gives this cheese a sharp and salty crunch.

Key Benefits

Convenient and versatile

With our famous Te Tihi Premium Aged Cheddar now coming in a new Foodservice 1kg format, it can be must better utilised for a wider range of dishes, creations, functions and possibilities.

Premium Aged NZ Cheddar

Our most awarded NZ Cheddar aged up to 3 years with unforgettable lactic salt crystals caused by our aging process and New Zealand’s unique pastures and grass-fed cows.

Perfect pairing

Customise your cheeseboard matches and pairings by cutting into different shapes and sizes, giving you endless presentation possibilities and flavour matches.

Chefs Tips for using Kāpiti Te Tihi: Whether it’s adding a flavour punch to a dish, stirring into a creamy sauce or embracing Te Tihi as the true hero it is, this cheese will always impress and in this format is a perfect fit for more than cheeseboards


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