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In Season - Summer OTM

Summer sees an abundance of fresh, sun-ripened produce just bursting with flavour, so it is a great time of year for your dishes to be led by in season produce.


Starting with strawberries and blueberries at the end of spring and finishing with blackberries and raspberries in autumn, berries truly are the versatile fruit to take you all the way through summer.

Use them as garnish; their pop of colour, not to mention flavour, will always make a dish sing.

Hero them by creating a signature dessert that will be the taste of summer. Or find ways to add them to savoury dishes, be it in a plated salad or a jus.

And don’t forget, if you get a chance to snap up tag 2 grade berries, they make wonderful house-made jams, chutneys, or jellies that your customers will enjoy all year round.


Plant based diets continue to grow in popularity, so having some delicious vegan options on your menu is a smart move. Raglan Food Co’s products not only tick the plant based and dairy free boxes, they are also nut, soy and gum free, contain no palm oil, refined sugar or preservatives. Add to this they are made by a Kiwi owned and operated company who go out of their way to do good, be it giving back to their local Raglan community or cleaning up our beaches. Oh, and did we mention their products are delicious?


Ninety per cent of New Zealand cherries are grown in Central Otago, and Hawke's Bay is the second largest cherry growing region. Being slightly warmer, Hawke’s Bay cherries are the first to hit the market in mid-November and running through to mid-January, with the main Central Otago crop in season from mid-December through to the end of February.

With such a short season and the main central Otago crop almost all being exported, cherries really are a summer fruit to be treasured. Simply dip whole cherries in chocolate for an elegant garnish on cakes or desserts. Pair with venison, be it in a sauce or fresh salad with bitter leaves. If the weather plays havoc with the harvest, don’t let the damaged fruit that can’t be exported go to waste! Steep them in gin or vodka for a house-made spirit. Or churn them into a vibrant sorbet.


This elegant, long-stemmed broccoli make plating so easy while providing a delicious, sweet, and tender green for your dish. Steamed, sautéed, or roasted, you’ll love them! Serve with a miso butter or punchy dressing and add some additional texture with the likes of toasted almonds.


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