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Huhtamaki Natural Sugarcane Rectangle Takeaway Containers

Reduce your reliance on non-renewable materials such as foams and other plastics. Huhtamaki’s natural sugarcane takeaway containers are compostable and certified to the OK Home compostable standard and the Australian Standard (AS4736) in industrial facilities where these exist.

Bagasse is a sugar production by-product. Once the sugarcane juice is squeezed out, the tough, fibrous pulp remains, bagasse. As it’s a by-product, bagasse is frequently discarded, however Huhtamaki reclaims sugarcane bagasse. This is then used to make Future Friendly plates, bowls, trays, hamburger clamshells and more.

Our rectangle containers are made from rapidly renewable sugarcane pulp and are perfect for hot and cold use and food delivery. Four different sized containers complemented by one lid make these super convenient for ease of storage with size options to cater to multiple requirements. Complement with a clear PET lid suitable for cold fill only or a sugarcane lid to keep contents warmer for longer.

Features and Benefits

Ø Home compostable and certified to the Australian Standard (AS4736) in industrial facilities where these exist

Ø Grease and water resistant

Ø Suitable for both hot and cold food applications such as curries, pasta, salads, fruit etc

Ø Tight-fitting leak-proof lids are available in both natural bagasse and clear PET

Ø Ease of use with one lid type fitting all four containers

Ø 500ml, 650ml, 750ml and 1000ml size options

Ø The perfect replacement for foam and plastic food containers

Ø Safe for oven, fridge and freezer storage – certain conditions apply

New Zealand will ban problem plastics and hard to recycle food and drink packaging in three stages between late 2022 and July 2025. This plan is a positive step towards avoiding waste and reducing the harm caused to our soils, waterways and the ocean through litter and pollution. Huhtamaki are already committed to offering sustainable, recyclable, and compostable alternatives to the proposed banned products.

These new rectangle sugarcane containers meet government and council requirements, where tested, now is the perfect time to transition to a more sustainable option.


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