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Hot cocoa with a twist

A steaming mug of creamy, smooth hot chocolate is just what the doctor ordered in winter. Dating back as early as 500BC in Mexico, when the Mayans drank ‘xocolatl’ (or ‘bitter water’), made from ground-up cocoa seeds mixed with water, cornmeal and chillies, today’s version of a hot chocolate is sweet, silky and provides an instant hit of nostalgia.

Whether you make it from scratch using white, milk or dark chocolate chunks and cream, or you’re using a delicious hot chocolate blend like Barista Federation's drinking chocolate, this winter staple drink can be made to taste super special.

These days, the Mayans wouldn’t know themselves, with boutique and luxe versions of the drink they created being made with all kinds of milks, including dairy-free, plant-based milks like almond, oat, soy and coconut.

Put magic in your mug

Infusions aren’t just for teas; use flavours like vanilla beans, cinnamon sticks, ginger, star anise, chilli, coffee shots, caramel and orange zest to spice up your hot chocolate.

When it comes to toppings, your only limit is your imagination. Turn a classic marshmallow into a showstopper by flaming and toasting them, allowing that melting gooiness to be stirred into the drink as it cools. Turn up the heat on a simple whipped cream topping by garnishing with

chocolate shavings, hokey pokey, seasonal fruit, berries and mint.

Fun Fact
Hot chocolate was seen as a medicine between the 16th and 19th centuries, used to help treat fevers, liver disease and stomach disorders.

At the end of a cold day, there’s something inherently comforting about savouring a glass of whisky. With its notes of wood smoke and dry spice, the peaty flavour of a Scottish whisky is a wonderful way to warm your body and soul.

Johnnie Walker has a blend for every palate. Versatile and a great base for a cocktail or a warming dessert sauce, Johnnie Walker Red Label pairs beautifully with orange flavours, while the smoky, fruity and sweet notes of Johnnie Walker Black Label sings in conjunction with red meats and strong cheeses.

Designer Whisky Warmers
Whisky Spice

Johnnie Walker Red Label whisky and water steeped with aromatic spices, orange and crystallised ginger.

Espresso and Whisky Crème

Johnnie Walker Black Label complements the bold flavours of coffee. Serve 1 espresso shot with 1 shot Black Label and cream, topped with nutmeg and cinnamon dust.

Chilli Chocolate Whisky Sipper

Whisky and chocolate are perfect partners. Pair a creamy thick dark hot chocolate with a nip or two of your favourite Johnnie Walker whisky and infuse with fresh chilli.


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