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Great cleaning & hygiene will protect your customers & your business...

Make sure you're taking every precaution to protect your customers, staff and business.

Hygiene is on everyone's mind and your customers want to know that it's a top priority, so now is the time to take a close look at your hygiene and safety plan.

But what are the key considerations to take ensuring cleanliness is higher than customer expectation?

Bidfood recommends looking at four main aspects:

Two- stage cleaning

The two-stage cleaning process is part of a regular internal and external environmental health audit. It involves cleaning the areas with a multipurpose cleaner to remove dirt from surfaces, followed by disinfecting the area with a sanitiser.

Janitorial colour-coding

The materials you use for cleaning are just as important as the chemicals and by applying a colour-coded cleaning system, cross contamination can be prevented between areas. The industry cleaning colours are: Red for high risk areas such as toilets and washrooms. Yellow for kitchen and food preparation areas. Green for public areas. Blue for low risk areas where there is less risk of bacterial contamination.

Importance of paper and hygiene

Drying your hands is just as important as washing them. Hand dryers are not effective in killing viruses and they may actively spread germs…so stock up on your paper hand towels!

Clean hands

Where possible have hand washing facilities available to your customers. Where there are no hand washing stations, provide clearly marked hand sanitiser areas. Remember these need to be cleaned regularly!

Don't forget these other essentials...


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