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Functional ice cream for everyone

We all know ice cream is a fun food, but it can also be healthy. At the New Zealand Natural Ice Cream Company we make premium ice creams from all manner of sources and fresh raw materials. Mostly from the best and freshest dairy sourced milk in the Country. But even we understand that some people have allergies, or simply aversions to consuming dairy milk, or added sugars. And many choose to consume less fat in their everyday lives too. Which is why we have created two delightful ice creams to suit the most discerning of tastes.

“Zilch” Vanilla Bean ice cream contains No Added Sugars and is suitable for people on reduced sugar needs such as diabetics. The only sugars present in Zilch Vanilla Bean ice cream are those that are found naturally in milk, which is a mere 2.3g of lactose per serve. Zilch is also a reduced fat ice cream, at only 1.8g of saturated fat per serve, but still with the same full flavoured taste, plus a kick of pure vanilla bean seeds. Its wonderfully creamy and full flavoured, but without any added sugars – perfect for a guilt free indulgence !

At the New Zealand Natural Ice Cream Company we also believe our friends who are Dairy Free don’t need to miss out on a delicious frozen dessert when they deserve it. We proudly make “Like Licks” Vanilla Frozen Dairy dessert which is made using soy milk. It has a smooth creamy vanilla flavour that compliments anything, while using no dairy ingredients – healthier for you, and better for the planet !


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