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For those that know their buttered onions

Versatile and consistent, producing excellent results.” That’s the verdict from chef, judge and chief product tester Alan Brown after putting Westgold’s West Coast butter through its professional paces.

After testing Westgold Butter (and its competitors) in about every application you can think of, Brown is what you might call a butter connoisseur. Across pastry, baking and culinary applications Brown is confident that using Westgold butter will enhance any item or dish.

The unique environment where Westgold is made is why chefs like Brown label Westgold Butter as having a ‘clean’ flavour. Brown says, “It lends a mellow butteriness to a dish, complementing, enhancing or contrasting with the other ingredients of the dish just as it should; rounding out flavours and textures in a clean and unassuming way, rather than overpowering.”

Westgold Butter is also easy to work with, creaming and emulsifying well, along with producing the best madeleine Brown has ever made. Laminated patisserie items made with Westgold Butter have well defined layers and that rich buttery taste you look for. “A little flake, and a lot of flavour is the hallmark of a croissant made with Westgold,” says Brown.

And that opinion is not just Brown’s. Westgold Butter is New Zealand’s most awarded butter, having won a Champions of Cheese gold medal three times. Judges have described it as creamy, smooth and balanced.

So why is it so good? Westgold Butter is made on the West Coast of the South Island. It is a remote area known for its rugged coastline, towering mountains, fresh air, and pouring rain. Nature just happens to have created the lushest, greenest pastures you could ever wish to farm. It’s the perfect place to make dairy products. The result is a product of rich flavour and golden colour.

Westgold Butter is naturally high in nutrients, including omega 3 fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acid, vitamin E and Beta carotene. Both unsalted and salted Westgold Butters exclude any preservatives or food additives (other than the salt slurry added at the end of the butter making process for our salted butter), and are made to Halal and Kosher standards.

So, if performance counts in your kitchen - trust Westgold to enhance flavours and textures - and provide consistent results, every time.


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