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Florentines New Pinkalicious Slice

Florentines is a blend of tradition and innovation. Renowned for our premium hand-crafted patisserie masterpieces, we know the market is constantly changing and we are listening to what the consumer wants. After intense research and extensive development, with months of trials and stringent testing by our incredibly talented team, yet again we create a product of exceptional high quality, on trend with the current market. Original, full flavoured and unrecognizable as vegan and gluten free - it looks and tastes amazing!

We proudly present our new... Pinkalicious Slice.

Features and Benefits:

Vegan and Gluten free

Stringently taste tested throughout months of research, development of new ingredients, recipes and processing techniques, the result is a vegan friendly, gluten free, premium product. You would never know by the taste or texture that this inspirational product was vegan and gluten free.

Perfect for catering

Weddings, cafes and a must-have for high teas!

Precut to 15 generous finger slices ready to serve, or ideal to reportion to bite-sized for catering. Pinkalicious will certainly stand out and make a statement on every table and in every cabinet.

On trend with the current market

Market research shows that the consumer is looking for products that are not too sweet or rich, Pinkalicious is light and easy to eat. Meringue is making a strong comeback, the light, fluffy raspberry marshmallow top is a definite crowd pleaser.

Premium quality and beautifully balanced flavour

Four layers of delicious and compatible flavours; almond and coconut crumb base with a melt-in-your-mouth chocolate ganache, chewy caramel middle and fluffy raspberry marshmallow top. Finished with a sprinkle of chocolate shavings. It tastes as good as it looks!

Increase your consumer audience

Be more inclusive by catering to a larger range of lifestyle and dietary requirements without compromising on flavour or quality.


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