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Detpak’s sustainable Window Lunch Box Range

Perfect for takeaway or food on the go, Detpak’s sustainable Window Lunch Box Range is suitable for a range of hot and cold foods such as sushi, salad, combo meals, ice cream, noodles and more. Our lunch boxes protect food integrity and promote heat retention and food presentation. Made from sturdy polyethylene and poly-lined grease resistant board, the pre-formed shape of these boxes means they nest for easy storage. The hinged lid and side tabs are perfect for easy filling and storing food securely.

The window on top provides premium visibility and presentation for food products and smooth surfaces, perfect for branding.

The Window Lunch Box Range is available in white or brown, in extra small, small, medium, and large. The range has a print capability of up to 4 colours and, features a natural matte or a low sheen surface finish, perfect for all your product branding needs.

For the perfect sustainable takeaway and delivery solution, pair the Window Lunch Box Range with our recyclable and compostable Flat Handle Paper Bags. Made from quality paper, our paper bags are strong and sturdy, with reinforced handles for superior strength and the ability to stand upright on counters for easy loading. Like the Window Lunch Boxes, our paper bags can be custom printed with up to 4 colours to effectively promote your brand. Our recyclable paper bags are practical, easy to carry and able to be reused by customers in several different ways. Flat-packed for easy storage, this bag is suitable for chilled, frozen, and hot contents.

Detpak promote the ultimate in quality and sustainability with premium packaging solutions for the foodservice industry. Detpak has been making brands shine since 1948.


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