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Chips that stay crispy for longer

In response to the booming market in takeaway and delivery food, McCain has extended its range of SureCrispTM fries, delivering sustained crispiness. Foodservice businesses such as pubs have seen a massive increase in customers seeking takeaway and delivery options for meals, and potato remains one of the most popular items ordered.

Fries play a vital role in the eating out experience and sets the scene for the entire meal, adding variety and excitement to your menu. Consumers who are satisfied with the quality, taste and texture of the operator’s fries come back for more, allowing operators to build a loyal customer base, and is also a fantastic profit generator for your business, so they need to be hot and MUST be served crispy!

Sadly, 82% of consumers experience soggy, cold, poor quality fries via delivery and takeaway. Further to this, 83% of consumers would not order fries through a delivery service at all, with over half saying they did not have the confidence that fries would be delivered hot and crispy.

McCain SureCrispTM is the game-changing fry!

McCain SureCrispTM delivers the perfect balance of taste, texture and superior crunch. With up to 30 minute hold time on the 10mm and Skin-On 9mm, and up to 20 minute hold time on Steak Fries; the McCain SureCrispTM range stays consistently crispy across on-premise, takeaway and delivery channels, giving operators the confidence to consistently deliver deliciously hot, crispy fries.

As delivery and takeaway channels continue to grow at a rapid pace, operators who successfully adapt to these options will continue to outperform – and with its guaranteed 3 x longer hold time*; the McCain SureCrispTM range is sure to deliver on operational simplicity, profitability and consumer satisfaction.

For more information on the McCain SureCrispTM range, please contact your local McCain representative or visit

*In comparison to a regular fry. Based on a delivery time of 30 minutes from preparation, under simulated conditions. Subject to compliance with McCain’s cooking instructions. Product quality may be affected by different delivery conditions such as packaging, delivery protocol, travel times and climate.


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