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Check out our three Kāpiti large format cheeses

Since 1984, Kāpiti has passionately crafted cheese that are truly special and unmistakably New Zealand. Our beautiful cheese range will leave your tastebuds wanting more.

Check out our three Kāpiti large format cheeses, which all come in a convenient foodservice 1kg size.

Kikorangi Triple Cream Blue 1kg

Kāpiti Kikorangi Triple Cream Blue has a smooth, golden curd and a rich, buttery texture, marbled with dense blue veining. This multi-award winning cheese is guaranteed to invigorate the taste buds. Kikorangi means sky blue in Te Reo Māori. Handcrafted in the Taranaki, our Kikorangi is slowly steeping itself into NZ cheese legend.

Akatea Traditional Brie

Kāpiti Akatea Traditional Brie has a rich silken texture with subtle blooming earthy flavours, characteristics of a traditional creamy Brie. In Te Reo Māori, Akatea is the name of the white rātā vine which has white fluffy flowers resembling the snowy rind on the outside of this cheese that develops while ripening.

Te Tihi Aged Cheddar 1kg

Kāpiti Te Tihi Premium Aged Cheddar has been aged up to three years, giving it a sharp, zesty bite and firm, crumbly body. Te Tihi, meaning peak, point or summit in Te Reo Māori, is befitting of our sharpest cheddar in the range and links to the iconic shape of this cheese.


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