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Chateau Spinwhip Milkshake Ice Cream

Milkshakes and Thickshakes are a thing of lore, a rite of passage growing up in New Zealand. Whether at the milk bar after school, or from the dairy at the beach, who doesn’t remember getting a “Longest Drink in Town” with the friendly giraffe smiling on the cup, and your favourite flavour lurking inside – was it Lime, Chocolate, Banana, Raspberry?

Jump forward to today, or last week even – was it a Mega Shake so thick your eyeballs would strain sucking it up, or a Freak Shake with sprinkles, drizzles, swizzles, sauces and cream?

One thing’s for sure, Chateau Spinwhip milk shake ice cream is designed to create perfect shakes. Made using a neutral ice cream base and a recipe that ensures it puffs up in the cup, Spinwhip is the ideal ice cream to add a few pumps of syrup, some milk, blitz it, and bingo – perfect shakes every time. For a Thick Shake, just use an extra scoop or two.

Available in a conveniently resealable 5L plastic tub, or the bigger 16L cardboard box, for those super busy shops.

Make milkshakes great again ! Use Chateau Spinwhip shake mix for perfectly consistent results every time. And for this month only, every tub or carton of Spinwhip purchased goes in the draw to win a commercial milkshake machine ! Order online now!


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