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Chateau New Rocky Road Ice Cream!

Nobody said ice cream was a health food ! But it is a fun food ! There will always be the old favourites like Hokey Pokey, Cookies and Cream, and Goody Gum Drops… but every once in a while you need to have a bit of innovation, something that makes you say “Wow, that’s cool”.

Chateau ice cream has just this – new for Summer is a fun new flavour called “Rocky Road”. Based on the chocolate treat of the same name, it’s a rich chocolate ice cream packed with mini marshmallows, scented with berries, and full of chocolate cookie pieces. This ice cream will delight children and adults alike.

Chocolate and chocolate based ice creams are always popular, and the addition of marshmallows makes for a fun soft texture, while the dark chocolate cookie pieces give that crunch that Rocky Road is famous for. The berry flavours balance out the whole experience and this ice cream would go just as well in a cone as it would on a plate accompanying any chocolate or berry based dessert.

Its also the ideal base for a “Mega Shake” when blended with a little milk, berry sauce drizzled down the inside of the cup, and a heap of crushed cookies and mini marshmallows dumped on top, with whipped cream to finish it off !

This fun new ice cream is available Nationally in a conveniently resealable 5L tub and also the bigger 16L cardboard carton for scooping parlours or serious ice cream lovers ! It is made in New Zealand by a New Zealand owned Company with milk sourced from the lush Waikato region. And remember - Ice cream is a currency of happiness and delight. Life is short, so make it sweet !


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