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Charlies Fruit Punch

Welcome to The Better Drinks Co. Here, ‘better’ isn’t just a word, but a promise – to provide a better range of drinks and give everyone a better choice.

We’re behind some of NZ’s most loved brands: Charlie’s, Phoenix, Allpress, Juicy Lucy and Lipton.

An easy and delicious drink packed with real fruits (which we like of course!) keep it non-alcoholic or add rum or vodka to make a great cocktail!

480mls (2 cups) Charlie’s Honest Squeezed Orange Juice (27572)

480mls (2 cups) Ginger beer (99234)

480mls (2 cups) Soda water (69783)

240mls (1 cup) Charlie’s Old Fashioned Quencher, any flavour. Used Lemonade here (72051)

Sliced lemons & oranges (165120, 165171)

Ice (14054)

Edible Flowers - optional (165564)

In a large jug or punch bowl, add all the juices and sliced fruit. You can make it ahead of time but add the soda and ice just before serving. If you want to go a little fancy, add some sprigs of rosemary or mint in from the garden, or freeze edible flowers in ice cubes for a gorgeous pop of colour!


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