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Big Glory Bay - King Salmon

Big Glory Bay is one of the most pristine locations in the deep southern waters of New Zealand on Stewart Island with perfect conditions for producing some of the purest salmon in the world.

We think Big Glory Bay is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. That’s why we’ve named our premium salmon range after it.

From the coolest ocean waters of New Zealand

Being sustainably ocean-farmed in such a remote, untouched place means our Big Glory Bay king salmon are truly a product of their environment. With pristine water quality and cold currents, Big Glory Bay is the ideal place to raise salmon. The average water temperature is just 12ºC. This means the salmon grow slowly and are harvested at the peak of their condition to deliver a rich, smooth flavour, with a buttery melt-in-mouth texture.

An ethical choice

The Big Glory Bay salmon farm is managed using sustainable practices to help protect our stunning marine environment. The environmental impacts from our farm are minimal. The Big Glory Bay salmon farm is Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certified which is the world’s most trusted, comprehensive, and proven third-party aquaculture certification programme.

Having BAP certification is one way we prove our commitment to the environment, social integrity, salmon wellbeing and the health of our consumers.

Nurtured to culinary perfection

Big Glory Bay king salmon is renowned for its high fat levels that can be seen in the clear, thick marbled lines giving the flesh a smoother, softer texture. A highly versatile protein, Big Glory Bay king salmon is perfect for pan frying, baking, grilling, or barbecuing. A favourite of top-end chefs, our salmon is featured on menus from Auckland to New York City.

Chef Dirk Tolsma of Epic Steak, San Francisco “One thing that stands out about Big Glory Bay Salmon is the consistency of the product. We count on it coming in with a high fat content and great flavor and it hits the mark every time. Big Glory Bay Salmon ticks every box, consistent quality and flavor, sustainable practices, with partnership and connection to the farm itself.”

It takes real dedication and passion to farm salmon in this location and we treat our salmon with the greatest of care and respect. We’re extremely proud to share the glorious result with people who appreciate the best and care where their food comes from as much as we do.

Try Big Glory Bay salmon, you’ll taste the difference.


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