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Beautiful brioche loaves and buns from Cottage Lane

Sweet, soft, and totally delicious, Brioche sliced loaves and buns are the latest addition to Cottage Lane’s range of bread, expertly baked by Breadcraft’s artisan bakers at its family-owned bakery in the heart of the Wairarapa.

Cottage Lane’s bread products are baked in Masterton, using the very best local and imported ingredients, including NZ wheat. Along with a love for traditional baking, Cottage Lane’s bakers also like to surprise people with something new and fresh to suit any occasion, from breakfasts to picnic lunches or creating the perfect platter to entertain.

Brioche is experiencing a surge in popularity as more people seek out food and products which taste great, are functional and ultimately comforting, a trend that has only increased since the pandemic began. Until recently, Brioche has traditionally been hard to find – but it is becoming more commonplace as bread lovers across New Zealand seek out this sweet and soft bread,

Delivering on taste, satisfaction and function, Cottage Lane’s Brioche loaves and buns are perfect for gourmet sandwiches, French toast, burgers and more – whatever your taste buds desire!

Originally believed to have originated in Rome, Brioche is now associated with France, where it has been perfected and is revered. The secret to Brioche’s enticing smell and taste is that its dough is enriched– something simple but totally special to take your sandwich from ordinary to extraordinary.

Cottage Lane has a long history of producing some of New Zealand’s most delicious artisan bread. A brand of Breadcraft, Cottage Lane was one of the first bakeries to offer European artisan loaves, such as Ciabatta and Sourdough, to Kiwis across the country – and it’s been innovating ever since.

A third-generation family-owned business, Breadcraft will celebrate 80 years of baking bread later this year. Cottage Lane’s artisan products are found in supermarkets, stores, cafes, and restaurants across the country. With an unwavering focus on quality, Cottage Lane’s bakers create bread, loaves and buns that delight and surprise customers every single day.

Cottage Lane’s latest offering – its Brioche buns and loaves, are conveniently frozen, so you just need to defrost them before creating sweet or savoury dishes. With a super soft texture and amazing taste, you’ll never be disappointed with Cottage Lane’s Brioche buns and loaves.


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