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Anchor Extra Stretch+ Shredded Mozzarella

Anchor Extra Stretch+ Shredded Mozzarella is stretching performance further! This product has been specially designed to deliver delicious pizza, no matter where it is being consumed – from dining in, to takeaway to delivery.

With the same great benefits as the original Anchor Extra Stretch Mozzarella Cheese, with improved performance in a wider range of ovens and better for delivery! With a superior

bite texture, longer lasting stretch, a great reheat performance and some great key benefits.

These key benefits include extra stretch for improved texture and longer lasting stretch, an ideal melt which achieves a great and generous coverage.

It is made from fresh cow’s milk and frozen for fresh quality, enjoy mozzarella at its best with no anti-caking agents or added flavours making it 100% mozzarella! With a mild & creamy subtle flavour, it harmonises with a range of ingredient combinations, making it perfect to use on pizzas.

Anchor Extra Stretch+ Shredded Mozzarella comes pre-shredded which saves time, reduces waste and is snap frozen for consistent results. It comes in a range of convenient pack sizes to best suit your needs! Either 1 x 12kg Shredded or 6 x 2kg Shredded.

For more information check with your Bidfood Rep or visit for recipe inspiration using this great product.


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