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A Donut a Day - OTM Summer

As much as you try, it’s hard to pick holes in the benefits of offering donuts as part of your offering, be it a daily cabinet item or a regular weekly special.

If you are not a baker or you don’t have large deep-frying capacity, do not despair! There is a great range of pre-made frozen donuts available that you can easily stamp your mark on and have your customers crying out for more. From mini ones to long ones, to round ones, ones with holes and ones without, check out the full range at mybidfood.


The classic cream donut is a great place to start. The key to this one is making sure the main ingredients are spot on. Lightly sweeten the whipped cream with icing sugar and a touch of vanilla, and balance this with a tart jam or jelly

for balance.

Cream is a versatile filling that can be easily adapted by folding through some lemon or passionfruit curd. Or for a very berry donut, mix half cream with half berry yoghurt and then top with fresh berries.

Mousses will take your donuts to another level. Chocolate mousse will always be a winner and can be paired with more chocolate toppings for a chocolate overload or balanced out with tart berries. Play around with mousse flavours from caramel, coffee and pistachio, mango, raspberry, and passionfruit.

Custard, like a mousse, brings a depth of flavour and a little more personalisation to your donut. Just make sure your custard is more a crème pâtissière and thus thickened sufficiently to hold its form.

Fruit compotes also make a great additional filling to your cream, custard, or mousse. Think apple with a hint of spice, cherry, and vanilla.

Finally, don’t forget ice cream or sorbet, especially in the summer! While it may not be able to sit in your cabinet, a donut ice cream sandwich makes a great special or

dessert option!


Once you have your filling sorted, it’s time to take your donuts to the next level by adding some contrasting flavours, some extra colour, and/or texture.

The classic jam and cream donut requires a liberal covering in icing sugar. You also can’t beat a beautiful cinnamon sugar dusting, especially for an apple and cream donut. Try adding some extra spices to the sugar, like a pinch of cardamom or nutmeg.

For visual impact, a shiny icing not only gives your donut colour, it gives your garnish more donut to adhere to.

The other option is to create a drizzle (think white chocolate or caramel) to act has half icing half garnish.

Or for a real wow factor pipe on some Italian meringue. This works particularly well with tart fillings like lemon curd.

As for adding a little crunch, roasted or candied and chopped nuts are great. Toasted coconut and dehydrated fruit both work well. Store bought sprinkles come in an endless variety of colours and shapes and can add the perfect flourish, as too will edible flowers. Chocolate shavings, crushed Oreos or Maltesers are easy standbys as is in season fruit.


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