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Learn more about our Spring produce


The world's most instagrammed food! What other fruit do you know can be served as a dip, a dressing, can turn toast into something everyone wants aswell as make a brownie, ice-cream and mousse? 


While they undeniably can spice up a dish, radishes should not be relegated to simply garnish. 


Pairs well with egg, butter and cheese. It also works very well with lemon, sharp vinaigrettes, anchovies, bacon, ham, tarragon, dill, and seafood, especially crab, scallops and prawns.


Balance the grassy notes of okra with dried apricots, shallot, capsicum and tomatoes. Okra is a great product to pickle, use in salads or ploughman platters.

Broad Bean

Grill young broad beans, then serve with a lemon dressing and shaved pecorino. Eat these whole, pod and all; they make a great bar snack or seasonal side green.


Spring is the perfect time to feature fresh peas, which really celebrates new season produce. 

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