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Utilising existing business practice to give back!

Running a business is really tough, and it can feel like there is no room or energy for supporting the community when your own time is short and you have your own family and friends to care for too. However finding ways to give your time, support or even funds to those who are in need can be an important part of mental well-being and contribute to a strong team and goodwill with your staff and customers.

With all of the charities and not for profit organisations out there it can seem overwhelming deciding who to support and how to go about it! And for many in New Zealand hospitality at the moment making a financial commitment just isn’t in the budget.

So the question then stands “What can you do to give back using what you already have?” – here are a few ideas:

  • Donate leftover food to organisations who can get it into the hands of people in need.

  • Include a QR code on your counter or signage telling your customers about a local charity you support. They can scan to find out more and make a donation of their own.

  • Excess coffee grinds? Bag and make available to your customers for compost for a donation to your supported charity.

Here are a few ways Bidfood have utilised existing business practices to give back:


At Bidfood we have over 2,200 staff operating from distribution centres and processing facilities from Whangarei to Invercargill along with over 450 trucks on the road every day so using this existing network we offer our delivery services to the Meat the Need charity.

Meat the Need is a charity connecting the dots between farmers who would like to donate some of their product to families in need.

Premium mince and milk produce is donated by farmers and put into the hands of food banks and community organisations who are already working with families facing food insecurity in NZ.

Bidfood branches across the country offer the use of our warehouse and distribution facilities to help store and deliver the goods. We work with Silver Fern Farms to order in donated stock, hold and distribute the goods as required.

A few of our branches have also been involved in the delivery of milk pallets to charity sites who then put it in the hands of families in need.


We also support The Gumboot Friday organization who raise funds to provide free and timely counselling for young people in New Zealand. Along with our branches holding running local fundraisers each year, we also use existing Bidclub Point redemption site we were able to add an offer which enabled members to donate their points to the Gumboot Friday charity from October– December 2022.


For over 14 years, Bidfood has partnered with the Graeme Dingle Foundation – an organisation dedicated to helping Kiwi kids build resilience, self-belief and life skills that empower them to succeed and overcome life’s obstacles.

The Graeme Dingle Foundation has a vision for New Zealand to be the best place in the world to be young, an aspirational goal which Bidfood are committed to supporting as a long-term partner.

While we have made a commitment to donate a portion of all Exclusive Brands Sales to The Graeme Dingle Foundation each year, we at Bidfood have also taken part in other initiatives over the years including donating Christmas hampers to Wellington families in need, taking part in the “Drop your Boss” annual fundraiser, providing work experience for New Zealand’s rangatahi and donating ingredients for events.


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