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Top tips for using your space for Outdoor Dining

If you’re lucky enough to have outdoor space to use, we’re sure you’ll be leaving no stone unturned to work out the best ways to capture all the opportunities there are.

To help you, here are the key things to consider when planning

your best options.


Value for money is the key driver for customers, with it often being a key consideration for choosing where to eat. With what’s happened over the past year, naturally customers’ wallets will tighten and they will look to get the best experience for their money when eating out.

So, how can you add quality touches to your offer? Could you provide live music, little picnic areas with umbrella cover, or really picturesque aesthetics for around the seating? Could you introduce special boards that have exciting fresh and local quality fresh fish and meat or set menus? These little touches will do so much for how you are perceived, leading customers to have a willingness to pay more of a premium.

One consideration that should be looked at when investing in your outdoor space is a booking system. Not only does this help you manage the bookings you get, but it also gives you the chance to look at driving further revenues through package deals. From package meal deals, to mini beer kegs/cocktails to your table service, how can you offer a deal that builds up excitement and provides an unmatched experience for your guests?


As you look for opportunities for using space, never let safety slip. With so many anxious about returning now and for a while still, if you don’t minimise any safety risks, you could jeopardise your image and some customers will not return again. From PPE, to the right range of cleaning products, we’ve got all you need to help protect your customers and your staff.

If you do things right, then you’ll give your customers the confidence to return.


Technology has been pivotal during the last year, from QR code ordering, to click and collect apps. We’ve become more of a cashless society, and there’s no signs of new technology solutions slowing down.

You also should contemplate technology when you create your menus too. There are new important considerations like trying to reduce the amount of scrolling customers have to do when looking through your menu online. Naturally by reducing your menus it causes other benefits too, as it makes things easier back of house and it will also mean you reduce wastage.


The power of social media is quite remarkable these days with how it can generate more revenue for you. As simple as a brightly painted or unique wall mural as a backdrop, encourage customers to share their experiences and photos, since this is likely to be a form of free advertising to generate more footfall. This is particularly important for those of you looking to capitalise on tourism and “stay-cations” as more and more people these days use social media to find food and drink choices in the area they are going.

Source: Bidfood UK


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