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Retaining staff & boosting morale

While having competitive compensation goes a long way to attracting and keeping staff, in the modern world we live in there is so much more that goes into the decision of where to work and whether to stay.

Priorities seem to have shifted and now many employees are also looking for good work life balance and a supportive working environment with a strong and positive workplace culture.

Let's take a look at some practical steps you can consider if you're looking to boost morale among your staff this year.


It's no secret that having a bad boss can make going to work a nightmare so it's not a surprise that according to poor management is one of the top reasons New Zealanders leave their jobs.

But what does a good manager look like?

They trust their employees, lead by example, communicate, care about employee development, lead a balanced lifestyle, provide clear direction and they're good leadership is evident in a respectful and supportive team.


If you want to keep good staff around it's important that they feel valued and recognized for the good work they're doing.

While giving rewards and prizes out is a great way to show appreciation for exceptional work, offering development opportunities like barista training and management courses to valued staff isn't only good for their careers and boosting morale, it means you get more highly-trained and equipped staff. It's important to get to know your employees; that kid who's been working the tills might be a secret computer-whiz who is chomping at the bit to help improve your tech systems!


Having a point of difference isn't only important when dealing with customers, it's also a great way to attract and retain great staff. The perks of a job can make all the difference in workplace satisfaction; free meals, staff discounts, birthday leave, profit sharing are some ways employers are trying to ensure they have the most attractive offer.


Do you know how your team members feel about their job? Keeping open communication with employees means you're more likely to be aware of any changes in satisfaction and wellbeing - you can take action before the problem gets to the point where your star employee is handing in their notice.


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