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Order Directly From Our Brochures!

To make it faster to order, we have made our digital brochures fully "shoppable". You can now add products from our brochures directly to your MyBidfood basket!

How to shop using our brochures:

1- Flick through the pages of our brochures and browse the range of products.

2- If you see a product you want to purchase, click the orange shopping cart icon, select item size and amount ‘add to cart’. Once the item has been added to your cart the icon will turn green.

3- Continue to add as many products as you’d like to your cart whilst browsing our brochures.

4- Once you’ve added all the products from the brochure that you’d like to buy, click ‘Load to MyBidfood basket’ on the bottom right hand corner. This will open MyBidfood, our online shop.

5- If you are already logged in to MyBidfood, you’ll see the product/s have automatically been added into your cart.

6- Continue shopping or checkout to complete your purchase!


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