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Mango - Summer

mangos in a bowl
Surprisingly closely related to cashews and pistachios, mango first appeared over 5,000 years ago in India. A symbol of love in India, these popular sweet and juicy tropical fruit grow commercially in tropical climates in India, China, Thailand, Mexico and hot, sunny states of the United States.


Mango can be eaten raw or cooked. The biggest obstacle to their enjoyment is the giant pip in the middle which can be hard to remove.

Most seafood pairs well with mango as well as proteins like pork, prosciutto and chicken. Grill mango with lime, coriander and chilli to serve alongside fish, chicken or

prawns. Dice it up as a salsa for tacos or bao buns; it’s sweet, slightly tangy flavour will cut through rich meat like pork.

Serve caramelised mango with ice cream, semi freddo or panna cotta. Make a traditional mango lassi with some yoghurt, milk, honey/sugar and a little warm spice like cinnamon or cardamom. Use mango pulp for cheesecakes, sorbet or refreshing cocktails. Although sweet already, it can be paired with caramel, maple, honey and chocolate, and enriched with yoghurt, cream and cheeses.

Mango pairs well with both sweet and savoury foods. Spice it up with some chilli powder or cayenne pepper, ginger, cardamom or cinnamon. Vanilla, saffron and star anise also take mango to the next level. It pairs with other tropical fruits including coconut, banana, papaya, pineapple and passionfruit, and also berries, kiwifruit and citrus.


In New Zealand we see a variety of mango imported from different countries throughout the year, including, Mexico, Australia and South America.


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