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Kapiti Cheese, for every occasion.

At Kāpiti, we are passionate about the pleasures and principles of good food. We start with the best ingredients to create the finest dairy in the world, to inspire endless ideas for culinary creations.


Kāpiti Kikorangi Triple Cream Blue has a rich, buttery texture and dense blue veining. Its savoury, full flavour is perfect with grilled peaches as a bright summary salad, or as an iconic pairing with caramelised onions on pizzas or in quiches and tarts. Add to dips or burgers for an umami boost.


Kāpiti Akatea Brie has the rich, silken texture and subtle blooming earthy flavours of a traditional creamy brie, which is fantastic against the zingy notes of naturally fermented foods. Bake, grill, fondue, or simply serve this versatile cheese in a sandwich or on a cheeseboard.


Te Tihi is Kāpiti’s sharpest cheddar with a zesty bite and firm, crumbly body. Match it with honeys, chutneys, or jams for that sweet and savoury combination, add tartness with sweet pickles, or dress up rocket salads, soups, or a humble bowl of macaroni and cheese.


If served on a cheeseboard, these are best at room temperature to allow the full flavour, aroma, and texture to bloom.


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