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How to use the MyBidfood Quick Ordering System

Quick order is great for those times where you just need to order product in a flash! Read more about it here…

Ever left your ordering to the last minute and just need to get your order underway? Introducing the MyBidfood QUICK ORDER function! Available on both mobile and web, once you’re in the quick order feature, its shows up to 6 months of your order history – perfect for those products you order time and time again.

Select the products you wish to order and type in the qty you wish to order – it even highlights your products that are currently on special!

Then select “Load to Basket”.

Check your basket out and your order is now with our team!

Benefits of this tool:

· Quickly order products for next delivery in just minutes

· Shows up to 6 months order history across all categories available to you

· Products are conveniently categorized into tabs

· Sort your products by your preference for your next quick order

· Exclude products you don’t wish to order again

· Adjust your UOM for each order

· Select “Show stock” to show display current stock levels – handy if stock is running low and you need to order a larger qty

· Use the search function to search for specific products

· Use the print function to print a full list of products

· Export a spreadsheet to include all products selected

· Filter by category for easy search


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